What Is An Impact Wrench Used For? [A Detailed Guide]

What Is An Impact Wrench Used For

Every DIY mechanic or weekend hustler has probably heard of an impact wrench as a part of their never ending quest for automatic & efficient tools. If you have never used one, chances are you don’t even know what is an impact wrench used for. Well, it’s no rocket science, let’s see why we use this tool—

An impact wrench is a perfect companion for those who frequently work with lug nuts or bolts. When you can’t tighten or loosen your lug nuts with a regular lug nut wrench, this air tool is the one that comes to the rescue. This power tool loosens up even the most frozen & fastened nuts & bolts, making itself even more efficient.

What Is An Impact Wrench Used For:

An impact wrench is a pistol-shaped tool that is powerful enough to produce a high torque output. The person doesn’t have to put a lot of effort into it, this automatic machine can produce a thurst on its own to create a rotating motion on its chuck. The process is strong enough to loosen or tighten any nuts within seconds while getting its power from either compressed air or electricity.

Whenever you visit an automobile repair shop for changing your tires, you are most likely to see the repairman using a pistol-shaped tool to remove the lug nuts. This pistol-shaped tool is the impact wrench, which also has a lot of other uses. So let’s have a look at the various uses of this tool—

Automotive Works

One of the most common uses of an impact wrench is removing & replacing the lug nuts while changing the tire of any car. Removing the lug nut of a small vehicle is pretty easy with a simple lug wrench. But in the case of medium to large vehicles, the process gets pretty tough.

An impact wrench can pull out even the most stubbornly fastened lug nut from your tire and helps to tighten them too. Apart from changing tires, an impact wrench can be used for removing or tightening any nut or bolt from your vehicle. Whenever you’re tuning your suspension, you might need an impact wrench. If you want to manage your automotive works at home, you can use an impact wrench.

Automotive Assembly

Screws, nuts & fasteners are the most important things to join different parts of a vehicle, and an impact wrench is a perfect tool to make it happen. All the automotive manufacturer companies largely depend on industrial grade impact wrenches to assemble the different parts of a vehicle and make it ready for sale.

If you’re a DIY car mechanic, you may need an impact wrench as well for car assembly purposes. In the case of installing or replacing a car bumper guard, an impact wrench just cuts the workload in half. Plus the end result is much more durable & long-lasting. It plays an important role when you’re modifying your car too.

Other than car assembly, an impact wrench comes in handy to install car accessories too. Whenever you’re installing a truck rack on your pickup truck or a roof rack on your SUV, you’ll probably need an impact wrench. Although the torque impact will be different as the different types of automotive assembly, make sure to choose the product as per your probable needs.

Heavy Equipment Assembly

When it comes to some heavy assembly works, you know an impact wrench must be there. Just like the automobile manufacturer factories, a lot of heavy equipment assembly factories also use some industrial grade impact wrenches & air compressors to adjoin the parts. Think of anything that requires nuts and bolts, you’ll know you need the tool there.

Heavy equipment like industrial machinery or tools contain a lot of nuts, bolts to hold it tightly, and an impact wrench is essential to assemble them. Obviously, these nuts and bolts are way too larger than any fastener that you would use in a usual machine. So to handle these large fasteners, an impact wrench is much needed.

This tool is one of the most fundamental machines for opening a hardware repair shop. Because any type of repairing involves opening the machine by loosening out the fasteners, and an impact wrench can make the procedure way faster. So if you’re going to run a factory, you may need an impact wrench as your choice of weapon.

Construction Projects

There are literally lots of steps in any construction project where these fasteners are a must. Any type of construction framing, assembling construction tools, or even for building up a metal structure requires the use of metal fasteners. A handheld wrench isn’t capable of handling these sturdy fasteners, so an impact wrench is the way to go.

An impact wrench helps to build up any metal construction frame way faster than normal, it can tighten the bolts within seconds when it takes a few minutes for an expert construction worker. Plus the setup is much more convenient, which means there are fewer chances of accidents.

Manufacturing Tools

An impact wrench is also an important piece of equipment for tools manufacturing companies. In order to make the whole process automatic and flawless, we see frequent uses of impact wrench powered by either air compressor or electricity. Assembling electric equipment to exercise equipment, this handy tool is everywhere.

Household Projects

Not just in heavy industries, you can totally use an impact wrench to handle your household tasks. For example, installing a heavy gun safe or a tv mount to the wall does need some heavy fastener to keep it all in the right place. To help with that, an impact wrench will definitely come in handy for you.

Besides, you can use an impact wrench to take some DIY challenges. Trying to make some wall mounted furniture or heavy duty door closer? Well, an impact wrench is there to back up for you. So you can tell an impact wrench is quite an important tool for household projects too.

Who Should Buy An Impact Wrench

Despite all these multipurpose uses, the question of whom an impact wrench is for still remains. Well, as you can see, an impact wrench is mainly for heavy works, which means it’s only suitable for professional handymans. If you’re not a professional mechanic, an impact wrench is not for you.

But still, you can buy a smaller impact wrench to tackle your household DIY projects. Buying a heavy impact wrench would be a little overkill for works like installing tv mounts or safes. In that case, a mini ¼ or ⅜ inch impact wrench can help to complete your day to day mechanical tasks.

If you’re still unsure about which impact wrench is appropriate for you, check out our post on what size impact wrench do I need to make the final choice. It’s not that you shouldn’t buy an impact wrench if your DIY activities are only confined to household projects. Just make sure to buy a smaller one that properly fits the fasteners.

Final Words

That’s everything for our guide for what is an impact wrench used for. I hope now you know the uses of this tool & you’ll be able to utilize this automatic tool in any of your future projects. Don’t hesitate to take some nifty DIY projects cause the impact wrench is going to make it easy for you. Happy hustling!

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